Entries limited to 2500 runners. Enter early to book your place and not miss out. 2017 the run sold out. No entries will be taken on race day.
  • Online entries and Pick n' Pay entries Close on Friday 27th September 2019 at 5pm
  • Paper Entries Close on Friday 20th September 2019 at 5pm
If you are not able to enter online, please contact the Chapman's Peak Half Marathon Team.

Age Categories

  • Open
  • Age (40-49) [40]
  • Age (50-59) [50]
  • Age (60-69+) [60]
  • Age (70+) [70]
  • Junior Category [J] is less than 20 years old with the minimum age for each distance. 21.1km - age 16 years and 10km - age 14 years on race day.

21.1KM FEES:

  • License - R130.00
  • Temp License - R190.00


  • License - R70.00
  • Temp License - R110.00
  • Junior License - R50.00
  • Junior Temp License - R70.00

A 10% Service fee is charged when entering online.

You will be able to pay for your entry by:
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Card
  • At a Pick n Pay Store
Entry Fees are not refundable unless the entry is rejected by the organizer less any bank charges.